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Topaz is known as a “stone of true love and success in all endeavors”. It can promote individuality and creativity, while providing for confidence in trusting ones decisions. It acts to replace negativity with love and joyfulness.

This mineral helps one to understand both the actions occurring in the “big picture” and the interrelationships occuring in the minute detail which comprises the “big picture”.

It promotes the expression of ideas and instills a trust in the universe such that one may feel comfortable with the potential outcome of a situation without “doing”. It assists one in “cutting-through” the curtains of both uncertainty and trepidation, precipitating astute reasoning abilities and promoting the release of feelings of annoyance engendered by the loop-hole known as “doubt”.

Excerpt from Melody's Love Is In The Earth, ISBN 9780962819063. Used with permission of Earth-Love Publishing House LTD.

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