An Expression of Love: A Heartfelt Story of Parental Uncoupling


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A Co-Parenting guide for families in divorce or break up transition, An Expression Of Love is a compassionate story that children can easily understand. A picture book, narrated by hearts, it supports parents and caretakers' communication about parental break-ups, and their changing family paradigm. It includes ten journaling pages where children can explore and communicate their feelings. We've thoughtfully left the legal jargon for the adults. Since divorce is a term describing a legal process, that word isn't in this book. Instead, this story gives children an understanding of why parents move apart and the reassurance of their parents' love. Discovering that loving one parent does not equate the betrayal of the other parent helps children heal and thrive. An Expression Of Love supports this compassionate message. Without blaming or shaming either parent, it reminds the reader that everyone's heart is worthy of love and expression. “When I read this book and found out that my life wasn't going to be the same, I felt like no one was going to understand, and there was going to be so much trouble. My friends and family helped me get through this time, and now it feels a lot better, and there's no more pain.” Reader, Age 10 “At first, it felt unfair, and everything was hard. Know that it's all going to work out. It will strengthen you as a person and your family as a whole. The people who love you will always be there for you.” Reader, Age 14 “However, you define family, this eloquent book, An Expression Of Love, will help start the conversations that heal the heart of every family member. As a therapist of twenty-five years, this is the first representation of a couple's coming apart process I've seen, with this unique expression on the transition. ” Lisa Terry, MS, LPS An Expression Of Love, a heartfelt story of parental uncoupling is a book for children, parents, and caretakers. It offers a thoughtful perspective on the complexities of uncoupling.

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