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The Book of Black Magic is Arthur Edward Waite's magnum opus of occult lore; this edition contains the author's original icons, symbols, seals and illustrations.

The first part is entitled “”The Literature of Ceremonial Magic””. Here, Waite examines the ritualistic traditions which have surrounded the occult movement for centuries. He notes various texts, and how they each had a bearing upon the practice of the occult; of magical ceremony; and the phenomena of spirit summoning.

The second part, “”The Complete Grimoire””, concerns how those who practice black magic and occult ritual become versed in the craft. The stringent physical and mental requirements, and the need to practice a spiritual attunement and inner ablution, is detailed. Astronomical knowledge of the planets and their movements is a necessity, as is possession of a variety of instruments, plus a deep knowledge of the various symbols and scripts used in the occult craft.

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