Claiming Your Inner Gifts: The Comprehensive Study


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This is the third book in a series which covers how to transform the struggles of the past into experiences which will enlighten and free the reader. Ms. Vincolisi is a Reiki master teacher but does not limit her audience to the hands-on-healing practitioners. Anyone interested in changing their life can begin with this or any of her other books and will still receive knowledge which can be applied on a daily basis. There are numerous “Life Tools” which show the reader how to move past life's most challenging issues through clear illustrations, outlines, and examples. These techniques can be used for self empowerment or in a counseling practice. Claiming Your Inner Gift is for healing practitioners, life coaches, personal coaches, counselors in general and anyone desiring to foster their spiritual growth or find their true life path. Reiki master teachers will find this book invaluable in their classroom for Ms. Vincolisi shares all her discoveries from decades of research, she holds back nothing.

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