Coconuts for Your Health: Nature’s Most


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Coconuts for Your Health: Nature's Most Delicious & Effective Remedy

Before the introduction of the Standard Western Diet to their culture, the natives of the South Pacific islands were among the healthiest people in the world. Heart disease and obesity were unknown, infectious diseases were extremely rare, and few people suffered from dementia. Swollen gums and dental cavities were uncommon as well. Most remarkable was that the majority of the calories consumed by the islanders were found to come from coconuts. Today, medical researchers have rediscovered the many health benefits of this tropical fruit. The coconut:

¢ Reduces weight & belly fat

¢ Raises good cholesterol

¢ Lowers blood sugar levels

¢ Boosts memory & brain function

¢ Protects your gums & teeth

¢ Fights bacteria, viruses & more

In this new book, best-selling health writer Larry Trivieri Jr. has created a clear and simple guide to understanding how the nutrients in coconut work and how you can best employ the different coconut products now on the market. The book begins with a history of the coconut’s use. It then discusses the science behind the fruit’s beneficial effects on the body, including the latest research regarding its impact on brain function. The chapters that follow focus on specific health concerns, from heart disease to high blood pressure to memory loss. Each chapter presents a description of the problem, how coconut works to combat the condition, and important considerations during treatment. This is followed by recommendations regarding the most appropriate form of coconut and proper dosage. Also included is a resource section that guides you to available coconut-based products.

History has taught us that certain foods can be a boon to good health. Both history and medical research have proven that the coconut is one of these valuable foods. With no side effects, coconut products provide an inexpensive and safe way to enhance your health and improve your everyday life.

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