Consciously Creating Circumstances


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“Consciously Creating Circumstances” is a 1953 work by Dr. George Winslow Plummer, with a foreword by Claude Bragdon. It is a comprehensive how-to on improving the mind and body, aligning oneself with nature's harmony, and living a happier and better life. Much of the information within this volume was inspired the school of Rosicrucianism, a mystical organization that has been around for centuries. Contents include: “The Source of Power”, “Dual Action”, “The Creative Power”, “The Great Link”, “The First Step”, “Impressing Your Will”, “The Law of Attraction”, “Bread Upon the Waters”, “Your Own Shall Come to You”, “Your Basic Attitude”, “Technique in Use”, “Pitfalls to Avoid”, “How to Concentrate”, “Fear and Faith”, etc. Many vintage books such as this are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. It is with this in mind that we are republishing this volume now in an affordable, modern, high-quality edition complete with a specially commissioned new introduction.

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