Inner Gifts Uncovered: The Complete 2nd Degree


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The complete Reiki II manual for students and teachers alike! The second book in a series of three, Inner Gifts Uncovered presents the range material required to become a proficient Reiki master teacher. Practitioners learn how to assist clients in accessing and clearing emotional issues. Readers receive guidance in learning how to balance work, family, and personal relationships and how to apply positive actions to negative situations. Guided imagery meditations—referred to as Life Tools—provide organized, effective, easy-to-follow steps to locate, understand, and clear core issues.
While Inner Gifts Uncovered is filled with useful information for Reiki practitioners and students, a basic desire to better one’s life is all that’s required to reap the benefits of this work. Ms. Vincolisi writes with a light heart. Her practices, examples, and stories are easy to understand, at times humorous, and always interesting. Ms. Vincolisi has spent decades working with metaphysical practices and shares her knowledge with joy and enthusiasm.

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