Labradorite Ear Candles


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Labradorite derives from the Canadian peninsula Labrador, where this gemstone was first discovered in 1770. This feldspar is characterized by a play of color (labradorescence) that often shows in vivid shades of blue, green, gold, and sometimes red. Labradorite is the gemstone of adventure, for it offers us the chance to embark upon a multitude of voyages of self-discovery. It is the gemstone of magic. It awakens the awareness of one’s innate magical powers. It can aid one in the manifestation of one’s desires, as well as in seeing the magic that permeates our world. Labradorite creates a force field throughout the aura, protecting and strenghtening the energies within. It can be used a balancing agent for those who wish to incorporate all of the Elements into their energies.

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