Rebellious Aging: A Self-help Guide for the Old Hippie


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Rebellious Aging: A Self-help Guide for the Old Hippie at Heart

Aging can be fun! You just need to awaken your Rebel and learn to live adventurously.This is a book about those big life transitions such as divorce, relocation, retirement, empty nest, and aging, and will show you how to survive and come out better than before.It is a guide for adventurous spirits and risk takers-hippies at heart-who due to your unorthodox life choices may find yourselves without the usual support networks during times of transition.Learn how to battle your inner dragons, go on your Hero's Journey and find your True Calling and make this the best time of your life.This book contains the absolutely best life coaching tips and techniques for personal transformation available today- and they will help you age like a Rebel.”The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it is conformity.”Jim Hightower

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