Tell Me Earth and Sky (Tell Me Books)


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This fun-filled Q&A book is packed with answers to questions that curious children want to know—and parents are only too happy to help them discover.

This tabbed book contains more than 200 answers to questions on different topics, the Universe, Space, the Earth, Humans, Everyday Phenomena, and more—and the last tab includes fun stickers. A hidden spiral binding makes it easy to flip back and forth, while entertaining illustrations and activities make learning fun. Includes questions about the Universe, the Solar System, the Earth, and Humans. Intriguing questions include:

What is an exoplanet?
Who was Copernicus?
What is a light year?
How does a star shine?
What is the equator?
How do sailors make use of the stars?
And many more

Parents may find the answers as interesting as their kids do!

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