Feline E-Commerce Team

The e-commerce team of Opal, Rose, and Smoky is committed to providing you with excellent service. However, they do not hesitate to delegate responsibility to their human assistants if a process requires opposable thumbs.

Opal, Department Head

I’m Opal. Executive Administrator of the Feline eCommerce Team. You may ask how I qualified for this position. I am the only one of the felines employed at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore who can tell time. It is a very important skill when making sure your orders are processed in a timely manner. I am also in charge of seeing that all the cats get fed on time. And I type!

When the position for eCommerce management became available for our new website, the Feline Team was the obvious choice. We had proven ourselves on the customer relationship team. We took time in between cat naps to greet customers, show them around the store and  be willing to chase that silly red light (we have noticed it is human’s favorite game, we indulge them).

With six years’ experience at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore, we know and love our customers and make it our top priority to give them complete satisfaction. We will be tracking your purchase through the eCommerce process and Alerting you to its progress.

Proud to serve you,
Ms. Opal

Rose, Interpersonal Relations

Welcome, I am Miss Rose, the Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore’s  Crystal Expert. (I know the staff members know a thing  or two about crystals, but I am the true expert!)

The night I arrived at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore six years ago, I discovered a lovely box of rough Rose Quartz to sleep in. Ever since, I devote much of my day helping customers choose their crystal specimens and tumbled stones. If I appear to be napping in front of the tumbled stone wall, I am merely picking up the vibe, ready to spring into action to assist customers choose the stone that best resonates with their energy.

When you place an order for any crystals, I will be assisting the Humans pick the best one for you. I allow the Humans to assistas they have opposable thumbs, essential for picking up and packaging my selections.

With much love and appreciation,
Miss Rose

Smoky, Shipping and Receiving Supervisor

Howdy, I am Smokey, the Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore’s Shipping & Receiving Specialist Smoky Quartz is my favorite stone. Its purpose is to transmute negative energy into positive energy.

As I make my rounds of the store, I check out everybody’s mood and vibration. If I notice anyone feeling a little glum, I will approach them and bless them with a gentle little “Mew” letting them know I see them, and I understand. It always surprises them and brings on a smile,  when they see such big burly guy like me giving them such a gentle blessing.

I will be available for you, to respond to any questions or concerns with your purchase. Nothing is more important to me than your satisfaction. I will allow the Humans to transcribe my message because I am not very good at spelling. My goal is to know you have a smile on your face when our Package arrives at your door.

Wishing you a joy filled day,