The Book of Self Care: Remedies


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The Book of Self-Care: Remedies for Healing Mind, Body, and Soul

Heal mind, body, and soul with this collection of self-care rituals and tips.
Never has the idea of mindfully checking in with ourselves and creating a “whole body” health—health that is more than simply the absence of illness—been so appealing. In this guide to self-care, wellness and beauty educator Mary Beth Janssen reveals how introspection, ritual, and love can help cure existential woes. She profiles a wide range of activities and exercises, including:

-Karma Cleanse: How to cultivate/give lovingkindness, compassion, and forgiveness in yourself, and then pay it forward.
-Intention, meditation, and breathwork techniques: Exercises for calm and centered living.
-Emotional Housecleaning: How to deal with unprocessed emotions “stuck” within yourself.
-Setting Healthy Boundaries: Check-in exercises for relationships that will help you reevaluate and build your support network.
-Tips for nourishing yourself, deep sleep, and beauty rituals to celebrate your body.

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