Artemis: The Indomitable Spirit in Everywoman


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“Jean Shinoda Bolen provides ancient and modern ways to be our authentic, courageous, and passionate selves. Jean herself is an Artemis.”—Gloria Steinem

Worshiped in Ancient Greece as a protectress of young girls, Artemis was the goddess of hunting, nature, and chastity—the original “wild woman.” In Artemis, Jungian analyst and bestselling author, Jean Shinoda Bolen, revives the goddess Artemis to reclaim the female passion and persistence to survive and succeed.

But an indomitable spirit isn’t just reserved for the gods. In her book, Dr. Bolen revives the myth of Atalanta, an archetypal Artemis and mere mortal. To Atalanta, fate was no obstacle. Left to die because she was born a girl, she faces the Calydon Boar and outruns any man attempting to claim her as his wife. In Artemis, women are encouraged to discover their inner heroine—the activist who never gives up, who cannot be subdued.

Whether women’s rights activists or Princess Merida from Brave, the Artemis personality is embodied in the modern women. Hailed by Isabel Allende, as a “beautiful, inspiring book,” Artemis is dedicated to all women and girls who discover her unconquerable spirit in themselves or others. Inside find:

· Examples of Artemis in real-life and popular culture
· Ancient and modern ways to be your authentic self
· A source of strength, power, and integrity

“Bolen connects Artemis to contemporary figures such as environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill, author Cheryl Strayed, and journalist Lara Logan . . . Bolen also discusses other goddess archetypes, including the romance-oriented Aphrodite, contemplative Hestia, and Hecate, the wise crone. The exploration of Artemis and Atalanta as feminist icons is compelling.”—Publishers Weekly

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