Atlas of Lost Cities: A Travel Guide


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Atlas of Lost Cities: A Travel Guide to Abandoned and Forsaken Destinations

Explore more than forty forsaken urban destinations around the world in a “highly entertaining read … for history buffs, mystery fanatics and travel junkies alike” (GoNomad).

Cities are mortal, but the traces they leave behind tell a fascinating story. In Atlas of Lost Cities, an accomplished travel writer reveals the rise and fall of notable places, each pithy portrait illuminated by a vintage map that puts armchair explorers right in the scene. Wander with care through:

-Ancient and legendary places like Pompeii, Teotihuacán, and Angkor
-Contemporary wonders like Centralia, a nearly abandoned Pennsylvania town consumed by unquenchable underground fire
-Eerie planned communities like Nova Citas de Kilamba in Angola, where housing, schools, and stores were built for 500,000 people who never came
-Epecuen, a tourist town in Argentina that was swallowed by water

With each map are fantastical illustrations that help the reader envision these hubs as they were in their prime. A perfect gift for the traveler who believes he or she has seen it all.

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