Blue Dumortierite Quartz, Large


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The mineral can be used to reduce excitability and to eliminate stubbornness while assisting in the facilitation of the continuance of “standing-up” for oneself; it can also assist in providing the stamina to retain the self when one is subjected to harsh uncomfortable environments, assisting in the centering of the entire being.

Dumortierite is a “stone of patience”, allowing for the recognition of the potential of any or all with whom one is involved. It can actually provide an element of accommodation to bizarre reality, helping one to both realize and understand that reality is illusion, and illusion is real. This mineral can further stimulate verbalization of spiritual ideas (blue-violet colour) and can provide grounding in love matches while clearing-away unsettled areas in relationships (pink-brown colour).

Excerpt from Melody's Love Is In The Earth, ISBN 9780962819063. Used with permission of Earth-Love Publishing House LTD.

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