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The Bral Talej cards are based on an esoteric language that is believed to be the matrix of all languages. The cards contain sacred symbols set against vibrant illustrations, which create a resonance that allows the user to easily read the message inherent in each card. With practice, the cards serve as a “bridge,” to translate human events and thoughts into spiritual concepts which can then be used to reach higher levels of consciousness. This mystical deck contains 112 cards and an explanatory booklet written in five languages (English, Italian, French, Spanish, and German). The booklet also diagrams seven divination spreads.

The Bral Talej cards were created by Shama Viola and Oberto (Falco) Airaudi, founder of The Federation of Damanhur in Italy. Shama designed the divination system and Falco painted the background images. Damanhur also is the recipient of a United Nations sustainability award.

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