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Charoite is the stone for this age. It provides for a synthesis between the heart and crown chakras and combines the higher spiritual dimensions with unconditional love from the physical plane. It allows one to recognize, integrate, and understand those attributes exhibition on the physical plane which are though to emit a negative vibration.

It further assists one in the courage and stamina to avoid those situations which are known to be negative. The mineral provides for the transmutation of negativity and for grounding to the spiritual self. It can be useful in cleansing the auric body, filling the chakras with a loving spiritual emotion of purity, and in assisting one in comprehension of self-inflicted lessons.

It has also been used for placing a charm of protection around one and around one's environment. It assists in the actualization of second sight. It sustains one's attention span, allows for discrimination between validity and fiction, and helps one to realize that as one door closes, another opens. It is a stone for transformation within this world, and from this world to another.

Excerpt from Melody's Love Is In The Earth, ISBN 9780962819063. Used with permission of Earth-Love Publishing House LTD.

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