Dare To Prosper!


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From the Introduction: Prosperity comes not by chance but in accord­ance with absolute law. Unity founder, Charles Fillmore has said: “The law of supply is a divine law. This means that it is a law of mind and must work through mind.” In other words, the peace, health, and plenty of prosperity must come through prosperous thinking. The mind can be trained to think prosperously in simple, delight­ful ways, and the results of prosperous thinking are also delightful, practical, and satisfying.

To longtime readers, the material in this book may not seem new— only a reminder of universal principles of abundance that are available to all of us. These prosperity methods are recession­-depression-and-inflation-proof, so that you will enjoy using them often! Those readers who have most of my books may wish to pass this one on to others, as an introduction to prosperous think­ing and its many benefits.

I trust that you, too, shall receive a healing balm and a prosperity blessing as you now get busy studying and applying the prosperity for­mulas described herein, and also share them with others. Together let us “dare to prosper!”

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