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Defense Against the Dark: A Field Guide to Protecting Yourself from Predatory Spirits, Energy Vampires and Malevolent Magic

When we lie awake at night listening to mysterious sounds, we imagine all the things that could be making those strange noises. The rumbling is the sound of the refrigerator; the knocking is from the old furnace; the creaking is nothing more than the house settling…isn't it? Although the modern world has denied the existence of things that go bump in the night and has taught us that the occult couldn't possibly exist, we know there are things that science has yet to explain.

Defense Against the Dark introduces the reader to many of those unsavory magickal creatures and occult happenings that exist outside of fairytales. Our ancestors knew these threats were real, and took precautions to protect themselves from whatever evil was lurking in the shadows.

Defense Against the Dark will teach you:

-Common lore and mythology of predatory entities such as goblins, vampires, imps, and ghosts

-How to identify malevolent spirits and understand how curses actually work

-How to master different protection methods, including shielding, banishing, and hex breaking

-Easy, concrete methods for protecting yourself in everyday situations

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