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Discovering Your Past Lives Made Easy: Connect with Your Past Lives to Create Positive Change

An accessible, concise and comprehensive guide to unlocking and working with your past life memories to encourage healing and self-empowerment.

Past Lives Made Easy introduces the idea that we have multiple lifetimes, explores how they can connect to each other and offers techniques to help you experience the incredible healing and growth that they can offer you.

Hypnotherapist and past life therapist Atasha Fyfe explains step by step how regression works and how readers can use it to find the clues to their past lives. She shares astonishing cases of children’s past life memories, how the body holds on to past life memories and what the common triggers for them are. Regressions can bring many benefits to the reader, including helping them release emotional or psychological blocks they have in their present life.

Readers can use this book to:

-initiate a past life regression at home

-discover their own past lives

-learn about the benefits of past life awareness

-receive the positive messages that can come through during a regression

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