I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way


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The texts that explain the meanings of the hexagrams describe the particular Cosmic Principles of Harmony associated with them. They set the standard by which we need to examine our ideas and beliefs regarding the hexagram subject. Any disharmonious ideas or beliefs then need to be deprogrammed with Cosmic help. By doing so, we become free of the cause of our present misfortune. The I Ching makes the point that disharmonious ideas result in conflict, negative patterns of behavior, illness, and other fates. With every step we undertake to free ourselves from such ideas, we free ourselves from such misfortunes.

Among other things, the book contains the following:

• extensive commentaries on the 64 hexagrams

• a method to clarify the meaning of the oracle’s message in regard to your subject of inquiry

• simple methods to deprogram the causes of fates, negative behaviors, and illnesses.

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