I Pray Anyway: Devotions for the Ambivalent


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I PRAY ANYWAY—Devotions for the Ambivalent by Joyce Wilson-Sanford is comprised of 365 daily reflections and 12 monthly personal stories. In the unconventional spirit of Anne Lamott, Krista Tippett, and Elaine Pagels, this book tells of the author’s return to a prayer/devotions practice as she shares her own very naked, very funny, very touching prayers and reflections. The book also shares Joyce’s personal history of bumps and bruises both in her life and in her spiritual growth. This is not a didactic book. The author has no answers for others, but shares how and why she prays. Her inclusive approach, practical voice and humorous compassion welcome anyone wanting to have their own devotional practice beyond their own ambivalence—to pray anyway. Joyce speaks the language of the spiritually independent and articulates the ambivalence of the growing group who are religiously disenfranchised. Joyce's life has had its share of profound challenges and she has gone through many permutations of devotional practices—including having none—and now has emerged with a very real engaging wisdom that she shares in this book.”While more and more people are disassociating themselves from an official religious affiliation, most of us still crave the sort of wisdom that faith provides. Here are 365 'prayers'—you might also call them poems or musings or mantras—that offer tastes of this knowledge like sips from a glorious wellspring. Consumed all at once or savored over time, these prayers will make you reflect on your own understanding of the divine.

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