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This is the original study guide to the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous. Filled with practical information for those first days of sober living, this little book: offers newcomers advice about the program, how long it takes, and what to look for in a sponsor provides in-depth discussions of each of the Twelve Steps and related character defects poses common questions about AA and helping others, identifying where to find answers in the Big Book: Ed Webster wrote The Little Red Book, which had a chapter explaining how to work each of the twelve steps. Dr. Bob thought it was the best description of how to work the steps that had ever been written. He sent copies of it all over the U.S. and Canada with his recommendation. Until Dr. Bob's death in 1950, he insisted that the New York A.A. office make copies of this book available for sale through their office. He established that the one with the distinctively red cover has to be the earlier of the two 1947 printings. It says that it came out in January 1947. The other 1947 printing, which has a dull maroon cover, must have appeared later in that year. This later printing embodies a number of textual changes which were carried over to the fourth and fifth printings. It says that the 1949 edition should be taken as a kind of benchmark version for many purposes, since this was the last edition where Dr. Bob had had any input into the book. And we should remember that changes made in The Little Red Book after Ed Webster's death on June 3, 1971, which are numerous, were done by editors at the Hazelden Foundation In addition to copies of Ed Webster's other two well-known works…..Stools and Bottles, which first came out in 1955, and Our Devilish Alcoholic Personalities, which Ed published in 1970, the year before his death.

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