Love and Destiny: Discover the Secret


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Love and Destiny: Discover the Secret Language of Relationships

Originally devised by the ancient Egyptians, our familiar deck of 52 playing cards was first used as a divination and timekeeping tool. Author Sharon Jeffers has researched and recovered the mystical language of the cards in this beautifully designed, fourcolor gift book.

Using the Love and Destiny divination system, readers discover:

* Ancient secrets about the cards as oracles of life and relationships

* Their true personality type and who is the best type of person with which to be in a relationship

* Types of people with whom to avoid having a relationship

* Guidance in all of life's relationships, in addition to romantic attachments

The ancient, mystical system presented in Love and Destiny is unsurpassed in its delineations of the character and nature of relationshipstheir strengths and weaknesses, the lessons presented, the opportunities that exist, and last but not least, what each relationship needs most to find its fullest potential. Using the Love and Destiny system to see what a relationship is really about is a powerful way for readers to gain great selfmastery with choice over their lives and relationships.

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