Mechanics Of Ifa Divination


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The majority of native Yoruba speakers view the Ifa divination system as a form of dark magic, inconsequential shamanism or ritualistic fetish. Even some scholars of Ifa and its divination system have conveyed the impression that it is simply a primitive oracular instrument of narrative art that should be appreciated only for its poetic sublimity. The Ifa divination system has been greatly misconceived as a mere esoteric system, devoid of any form of technological information. This book, therefore, seeks to describe what the Ifa divination system truly is and to illustrate its pertinence to modern information technology. The author examines the operational structure of the Ifa divination system and highlights some of the elements of technological knowledge that are embedded in it. In all, this book is a lively introduction to some of the technological-level information in Ifa divination system. It is also a concise reference for those who are interested in enhancing technological development within the context of the cultural knowledge of Ifa and its divination system.

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