Messages from Transcendent Beings We Are Not Alone


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Would you like to travel beyond the waterfall and see what's really going in our world?

Grandmaster Eric Kino is a heavenly messenger who actually, and quite miraculously, appeared to the author back in 1994. She explains this appearance in the preface. Now, through providential circumstances, McCartney has been directed to write Eric Kino's allegoric memoirs in order to share his wisdom with the world, in hopes that his words will heal and bring light to everyone. Though the book is written as an allegory, the messages are the pure messages given to McCartney Green during her communincations with her “heavenly visitor.”

Grandmaster Kino teaches us how to bring light to any situation, how to be at peace with one's self, how to live in love and yet, be a warrior, but mostly how to find joy.

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