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The energy of moonstone is balancing, introspective, reflective, and lunar. It is capable of helping one with the changing structures of one's life on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. The energy relates to “new beginnings,” allowing one to realize that these “new beginnings” are in actuality, the fruition of “the end.”

It is a “stone for hoping and wishing”–it allows one to absorb that which is needed from the universal energies, not necessarily, however, furthering that which is wanted. This stone is used for feeling, and for understanding via intuition and emotional “thoughts,” rather than via intellectual reasoning. It brings flashes of insight, banishing the possibility of neglecting one's profit from that which is experienced.

Moonstone can be used to alleviate emotional tension and to enhance the positive attributes of both creativity and self-expression. It stimulates both confidence and composure and allows one to understand that there is no situation so difficult that it cannot be countered with diplomacy.

This stone sustains and supports while promoting growth and supplementing energy. Once called “the traveler's stone” it is used for protection against the perils of travel. Moonstone is also a talisman of good fortune. It is said to keep closer that which is dear to one. It brings calmness coupled with awareness.

Excerpt from Melody's Love Is In The Earth, ISBN 9780962819063. Used with permission of Earth-Love Publishing House LTD.

This mineral has been used to assist one in influencing the origination of personal and universal/world-wide progress and improvement; it acts to combine the energies of nonstraint.

Rainbow Moonstone assists in carrying rainbows into one's life and is a very unique contribution from the wraith within the formation; the energy assists one in examining that which is contrary and in sustaining the perpetual realization that humanitarianism and love are ever-present in one's life. t brings the white light of healing and perfection and the multi-colors of the spectrum for activating each of the corresponding chakras.

This stone has also been used to assist one in recognizing the difference between seen phenomena–accessible to the senses–and those which are unseen or of another nature–accessible via the intuitive system.

It is a remarkable symbolic instrument for deciphering the world and for promoting contact with the Higher Self.

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