Pathworking: A Qabala Guide to Empowerment and Initiation


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In his best selling classic, Simplified Qabala Magic, Ted Andrews was the first ever to make Qabalistic teachings accessible and understandable to all. In this revised sequel, he guides you to the Well of Truth that Lies Within – a path to the Holy of Holies.

Uncover the mysteries of the Tree of Life.

Learn techniques of pathworking for manifesting dreams.

Open inner temples of your mind and potentials of your soul.

Discover how to create and use astral doorways.

Explore the Archetypal Forces of the world.

Build bridges to the spiritual realms of life.

Create the magickal body for empowerment.

Open to higher initiation into ancient mysteries.

Learn powerful tools for psychic protection.

This is a powerful time to be living. Mysticism and spirituality are melding with psychology, physics, biology and natural sciences. Ancient myths and teachings are being brought to life for everyone within new scenarios. In Pathworking, you will rediscover the wonder, awe and power of the Divine in the world today and on your spiritual path.

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