Psychic Shield: The Personal Handbook


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Psychic Shield: The Personal Handbook Of Psychic Protection


In today’s hectic and uncaring society, you need skills that help you guard the boundaries of your soul. Psychic Shield shows how to defend against these damaging external forces with practical and commonsense strategies that protect your inner peace and keep you safe from harm.

Psychic Shield is packed with checklists, danger-point indicators and reality checks that allow you to identify soul disturbances caused by everything from the jealousies of friends and the competitiveness of coworkers to the horrors of war and terrorism.

With simple practices, meditations and rituals, Psychic Shield offers spiritual housekeeping routines you can use every day to:

•Strengthen your psychic health

•Overcome negative relationships

•Free yourself from fear and self-doubt

•Deal confidently with difficult people

•Become attuned to spiritual guidance

•Live in harmony with others

•Maintain boundaries that keep you safe

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