Reconnecting Soul: 142 DNA Activation Cards


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At some point on the journey of the human species we had 144 strands of DNA, rather than the 2 we are aware of now. What happened to the latent 142 strands is a matter of speculation, but it is time for us all to reactivate them. Each strand carries with it a unique attribute of Christ Consciousness as well. The powerful glyphs on these cards are portals to the frequencies that locate and retrieve the “lost” DNA strands and activate them along with their associated attribute.

Welcome to your next level of Spiritual Awareness! These cards are the doorway that easily leads you to the awakening you have been searching for. They can be used for personal guidance, initiation and re-harmonization of the energy fields of all your bodies and reintegration of all the multidimensional aspects of your soul.

Contained in this box are 142 cards with the symbolic glyphs as well as the directions for using them.
Jean Adrienne is the creator of InnerSpeak, a tool for releasing ancestral, karmic and this lifetime blocks so that you can create the reality you desire.

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