The Shamans Guide To Power Animals


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The Shaman’s Guide to Power Animals is a cross-cultural journey into the mystical symbolism and stories of almost 200 birds, fish, insects, and mammals drawn from ancient and indigenous cultures worldwide. It is a spiritual tool for understanding omens when an animal crosses your path or appears in a dream, or to apply in situations where you need protection or want to chart a course or locate resources. Incorporating channeled messages from the Power Animals, it explains:

-What Power Animals are and how to identify yours.

-Rituals, prayers, and affirmations you can use to ask a Power Animal for its help.

-Archetypal powers associated with different Power Animals and ways to activate them.

-How a Power Animal can act as your go-between to the spirit world to communicate with the dead and ancestral spirits or help you to recruit a multidimensional support team.

-Why you never need feel alone once you know you belong to the kinship of nature.

-Crystals, colors, and physical energy centers that correspond to each Power Animal.

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