Stretching with Ease: An Illustrated Guide


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Stretching with Ease: An Illustrated Guide To Your Fit And Flexible Body

“Stretching with Ease” is a user-friendly, fully illustrated instructional manual for creating your perfect personal stretching program.

Why should I stretch? What muscles should I stretch? How will it help me? You’ll find the answers to these questions and much more in Stretching with Ease. Discover the many ways you can work with your body to assist it to be fluid and flexible. Your body is built for movement and with stretching and flexibility training you increase both your ease of movement and life quality. Fitness expert Linda Minarik takes you from the basics and benefits of stretching, to all you need to know to make stretching a lifelong habit. Part I offers the important background information necessary before you begin to stretch, including using the tool of breathing. Part II provides clear directions for 76 essential stretches that target different muscle groups—they can all be easily done at home without any special equipment. Along with detailed instructions and helpful tips, each stretch includes a color photograph with an anatomical illustration so you can actually see inside the stretch. This visual reference enhances your understanding and practice of the movement. Part III has effective step-by-step stretch routines to accomplish different goals, such as relieving tension, stiffness or pain, and preparing for various daily activities and sports. Part IV offers invaluable resources to enrich your flexibility experience, including useful lifestyle tips and how to create your own routines. Stretching with Ease offers the practical guidance and supportive encouragement you need to develop a body that moves easily—and loves to move!

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