The Good Energy Book: Creating Harmony


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The Good Energy Book: Creating Harmony and Balance for Yourself and Your Home

Become a fountain of good energy in every area of your life! In this gem of a book, Tess Whitehurst offers sparkling advice for creating, maintaining, and sharing positive energy. Using this holistic and easy-to-follow system, you'll discover how to keep your energy positive and traverse any place, situation, or challenge with confidence, clarity, and grace. The fun and effective techniques in this book draw from both the physical and energetic realms.

You'll learn how to:

-Keep your energy clear and positive

-Manifest the conditions you desire

-Maintain good health habits

-Establish a regular meditation practice

-Fine-tune your intuition

-Create sacred space in your home

-Live fearlessly and confidently

-Energetically protect yourself


“Tess Whitehurst presents personally empowering, eminently practical, and refreshingly accessible techniques for creating an environment that feeds and uplifts your soul. She teaches how to harness the law of attraction to manifest the life you want.”—Jhenah Telyndru, author of Avalon Within .

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