The Healing Field: Exceptional Healing Practices


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The Healing Field: Exceptional Healing Practices to Change Your Life

An ideal companion to the Telly-winning film, The Healing Field: Exploring Energy & Consciousness.

Learn powerful healing practices to heal your body, mind and spirit and expand your consciousness. Explore breakthroughs in energy medicine, mind-body techniques and quantum physics. Discover how energy medicine is changing our health, our society, and our future!

With renowned experts Bruce Lipton PhD, cellular biologist; Lynne McTaggart, consciousness expert; Beverly Rubik, PhD, biophysicist; the late Candace Pert, PhD, neuroscientist; integrative medicine experts Hyla Cass, MD, and Larry Dossey, MD; Rollin McCraty, PhD, of HeartMath; Ron Lavin, MA, founder of One Light Healing Touch Energy Healing and Mystery School; Linnie Thomas, A Healing Touch. Instructor; plus new material not seen in the documentary.

The acclaimed practitioners from the fields of energy healing, qigong, mental imagery, and sound healing relate inspiring healing stories, studies, and invaluable self-healing practices for people of any age. Ron Lavin, MA, shares his remarkable personal journey as a renowned healer and gifted psychic. Qigong Masters, Kenneth Cohen, Jack Lim, and Gary Renza explain that our very existence depends on the strength of our Chi energy. Discover the secrets of miraculous healing with mental imagery with the late Gerald Epstein, MD, by using micro input for macro output, and learn the mysteries of sound healing for helping to heal disease.

Learning life-changing self-healing practices will help contribute to the evolution of humanity and be an integral part of true health-care reform.

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