The Power in You: The Definitive Thomas Troward


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The Power in You: The Definitive Thomas Troward

The collected works of the most impactful New Thought figure of the twentieth-century – a must read for every student of metaphysics.

This landmark volume collects all six of Thomas Troward’s books on the creative powers of the mind – and, as a special bonus, includes “Troward’s Teachings in Condensed Form” by Harry Gaze, which digests the visionary’s ideas into 58 aphorisms.

Troward’s ideas about the power of directed thought prefigured some of today’s key advances in neuroplasticity, placebo studies, and cognitive psychology. His writings were a major influence on figures ranging from Ernest Holmes to early members of Alcoholics Anonymous to makers of The Secret.

The works of Thomas Troward have been previously been dispersed among piecemeal volumes – The Power in You is the first authoritative anthology of his writings. This volume includes:

The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science (1904, revised 1909)

The Doré Lectures on Mental Science (1909)

The Creative Process in the Individual (1910, expanded 1915)

Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning (1913)

The Law and the Word (1917)

The Hidden Power (1921)

Troward's Teachings in Condensed Form by Harry Gaze (1958)

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