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A journal for the thoughtful observer, These Three Things uses insightful prompts and beautiful images to guide readers in the practice of mindful reflection.

This unique guided journal encourages joyful curiosity and thoughtful reflection, centered on three things you've learned over the course of your day. Alongside selected reflections from the author, prompts encourage you to take a moment of focus, while beautiful, full-color photographs will inspire you to view your environment with fresh eyes.

This airy, modern journal offers opportunities to reflect, gain inspiration, and experience new things. Using the ongoing art project of author Lisa Anderson Shaffer as a jumping off point, this process of intentional reflection is an accessible, attainable way to stop time, look within, and identify what's truly important. Paired with unique images and thought-provoking insights, the prompts in These Three Things will uplift and focus, guiding you to feel a sense of purpose at the day's end. In an uncertain world, this meditative practice is an invitation to be curious, to have hope, and to be open to what the day can bring.

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