When You Lose Someone You Love


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An incredible gift of comfort for anyone who has lost a loved one.

-116 pages expressing the journey of grief, as well as hope and comfort for the future, with the look and feel of a condolence greeting card

-Life-affirming insights from the personal grief journal of award-winning artist Joanne Fink

-Expressive sentiments to accompany the bereaved through the many emotions and stages of loss

-Beautiful illustrations from Joanne on every page, starting as line drawings and slowly incorporating color

-Comforting messages of gentle healing for the universal experience of grief and loss

Providing gentle comfort and healing with life-affirming insights from the personal grief journal of award-winning artist, author Joanne Fink, When You Lose Someone You Love, Gift Edition is a beautiful 116-page hardcover book with the look and feel of a very personal and empathetic greeting card. Filled with expressive sentiments and beautiful illustrations, this special and heartfelt book offers a healing connection with all who have suffered a loss and are in mourning.

Everyone who has lost a loved one—whether recently or years ago—will connect with the thoughtful sentiments and beautifully simple illustrations inside this book. Joanne journaled this book as a way of dealing with her own unimaginable loss.

Page by page, you'll understand that you are not alone; that there will be days when you feel overwhelmed, nights when you can't sleep, and times when waves of sadness wash over you unexpectedly. Affirming and cathartic, this comforting book will help bring healing without sugarcoating the devastating heartbreak and challenges of losing a loved one.

When You Lose Someone You Love makes a perfect sympathy gift for someone you care about, offering comfort, hope, and healing to anyone who endures the journey of losing a spouse, family member, or close friend.

“Everyone's grief journey is different… and the ability to emerge with your soul intact is dependent upon your willingness to do the excruciatingly difficult work that grieving requires. It is a long and lonely process, and no-one can accept the reality of YOUR loss for YOU… it is something that you must do for yourself. One of the things I've learned on my journey is that love is a force so powerful that it transcends death.”

—Joanne Fink

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